Welcome to the learning management system for my thesis on how to create well done and valid online courses for the maritime sector.

Ever since corona struck us and the lock down came, we are in need of good online education. In this project, I will test an online course on collision regulations at sea, the ColRegs or the rules of the road.

The learner will have to do a test before starting the course to evaluate how much they already know about the ColRegs. There will be a short questionair as well to get knowledge about the whole group. How many have a maritime background, are they students or in the job etc.

After having followed the course (at their own pace with several possibilities of selftesting) there will be a final test which will be graded by a teacher to evaluate whether or not the learners have learned something.

Feel free to participate in the study even if you don’t know anything about seafaring. I promise you that after following the course, you will have learned your share of the ColRegs.

And in case, you just want to watch the videos instead of doing the whole course, you find them here.