Starting a Family Tree

And all the surprises that come with it

About 10 months ago, I got into family research. I knew that the aunt of my father has done some research in the 80’s and that somewhere, there is material about my grandmother’s family – Eiermann.

Rumors have it, that around 115 corners, I am related to Egon Eiermann, the architect. Don’t worry, I can tell you that much already, that I am not related to him and if I am, nobody has found evidence yet. The only thing that seem to relate the two of us, is that I am born in Bonn, the city where he has planned the office building for the parliament, the “Langer Eugen”.

At one point in the early 2000’s, my uncle had set up a family tree, based on his ecordaunt’s findings for the Crämer and the Eiermann families, on MyHeritage. Wise choice or not, but it’s out there. So, what was easier to start a new research there since I had an account arleady, when we got the idea to actually get to know the family of my girlfriend. It seems, the grandmother’s side (Oinas) is researched for a bit. The Antinkaapo family, however, was not. This is where we started a magic carpet ride through the generations with loads of weird things and even more of fixing what obviously have been mistakes that are passed on and on by sharing ancestors with people from many families and just taking records from the web that don’t seem to be researched at all. But that’s only one of the stories.

Stay tuned, I will try to post more of our findings and weird stories.