About the ColRegs Course

The goal of this course is to teach the Convention on the International Regulations for Preventing Collisions at Sea online. It is best, that you download the paper in addition to watching the videos about the rules. In the quizzes, you will find some questions for which it might be helpful to look some of the rules up and it might be easier for you as a learner to have something in your hands instead of leafing through some videos.

The idea to this course came as the idea to a thesis in the maritime sector in times of Corona and COVID19. There are studies that say, there are still too many accidents out at sea because the mariners don’t know their rules of the road well enough.

Since it is not always possible to attend courses anyway, when you are in a maritime school – on board training is part of our education at the end – and because just when I was ready to start my thesis (which would have been about good educational videos for the maritime sector in the first place) I was quarantined due to coming back from a vessel, hence the idea was born to build an online course for maritime education.

For some other ideas I had for my educational videos, I would have had to travel. Well, we all know how that went in 2020. This is where I got the study of Dr. Mohammed Russtam Suhrab Ismail in my hands, which states that “[…] basic rules […] are usually ignored or disregarded […]”. The idea to this course was born.

The structure of the course on ColRegs aims to be effective for different kinds of students. You can watch the videos about every rule but you don’t have to. If you prefer, you can try to learn the rules from your downloaded paper. But what you have to do is testing your knowledge for each and every part of the rules. There are quizzes about the rules in each part of the ColRegs. However, they are not meant as tests. Meaning, they are just for you to test yourself and it’s necessary to pass them with 70%. No worries though, you can do each test as often as you like.

The final examination is a test, nonetheless. That final test will be graded by a teacher and you have to pass it in order to pass this course. There will be no possibility to do it again unless the teacher says so.

I hope, you enjoy the course and you have the feeling to learn something by it. Feel free to give feedback at the end of it.

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